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World: Ace Attorney
Featuring: Mia Fey x Diego Armando                                                            


It had been a long while since Diego Armando had had the Grossberg's Law Office all to himself. Oh sure, there was the occasional period of downtime when Diego could enjoy some peace and quiet as well as a mug of his favorite drug, but on rarer occasions he would be alone and watching over the office for half a day or more.

Today was one of those days. Grossberg was away on an important business trip with other attorneys, and would be for the rest of the week. Diego grinned wolfishly; his employer was leaving him and Mia alone for a week? Had the pudgy man no sympathy for the young woman? Didn't he know Diego would take advantage of every single opportunity to tease and distract her from her work and, possibly, submit her to endless sessions of humiliation and attempts at seduction?

Well, that wouldn't happen until Mia came back. His favorite kitten was several blocks away, on her very first investigation. The previous day, a man in his mid-forties who lived in a house down Expedit Street was killed. Though the circumstances were unusual, and the theory of suicide quite believable, Mia had accepted to have a look. She had yet to find her first case, and was eager to be in the courtroom as a real attorney and not a bystander. As her mentor, Diego could only approve.

But as her co-worker and friend, he felt pretty lonely.

The male attorney grabbed his mug and took a sip of his black arabica weakness, all the while reading the sentencing record of his most recent client. "Not guilty", as was his goal. He remembered the look of bewilderment on Winston Payne's weasel face when he showed him the photo, the decisive evidence. The Rookie Killer was, once again, defeated. And Diego would never tire of defeating prosecutors, especially when said prosecutors were major pains in the neck and pathetic excuses of lawyers.

I'm sure he'll want to be the first prosecutor she deals with, Diego thought as he signed the document and put it aside, leaning back in his chair comfortably. And I'm sure she's going to kick his sorry ass. She may be a rookie, but she's got dangerous claws for such a cute kitten. He grinned to himself as he finished his cup, humming a little at the bitterness.

As soon as he put the white mug down on his desk, the phone rang in Grossberg's office. Diego frowned; was he supposed to walk into his boss' personal office and get the call? Grossberg usually programed his phone so that calls were automatically redirected to his answering machine whenever he was away. Obviously, he had forgotten.

Diego shrugged; this could be personal, for all he knew. Once, he had answered the phone while the older man was chatting with Hammond and... well, having Grossberg's wife tell him that "she had found that cream for his hemorrhoids and boy, he was so lucky he had her, because there was no way he could apply it himself" was way too much information. He wouldn't be fooled again.

Soon, the phone stopped ringing and Marvin Grossberg's squeaky and quite electronically distorted voice spoke. "You've reached the Grossberg's Law Office. I am away working on a case and my employees seem to be lazying around. Leave me a message and I will call you back." Diego frowned; he was going to have a talk with the pudgy lawyer about this.

There was an audible beep, and a soft feminine voice rang into the empty office. "Mr. Grossberg, I am Dr. Hawking, from Sunrise Clinic. Your employee Mia Fey was put under our care as a consequence of an accident that occurred while she was on her way to her workplace. Of course, she won't-"

Diego wrenched the phone from its cradle, screeching to a halt after dashing from his office to Grossberg's as soon as the words "clinic" and "Mia" were said. "Is she all right?" he asked sharply, cutting off the woman.

There was a short pause as the woman composed herself. "Mr. Grossberg?" she asked.

"No, I'm his employee, what happened to Mia?" His heart was using his ribs as drums for the biggest emotional concert Diego ever played.

"She is fine now, sir. She got hit by a car not far from here." Diego's eyes widened; he was about to ask for details, but the doctor got there first. "Fortunately, the car was driving slowly and, as I've said, the accident happened near the clinic and we were able to treat her quickly. She's got a few bruises, a broken wrist and a sprained ankle. It could have been worse."

Could have been worse? Wait until I get my hands on that bastard of a driver, I'll teach him what "worse" means. The attorney took a few breaths; he couldn't lash out at the doctor, she had taken care of his kitten after all. "Can I come and visit her?" he asked calmly.

"Actually, since she's not suffering from severe trauma and no surgery was needed, she is free to go on the condition that someone picks her up and brings her home."

"I can do that," Diego said, nodding to himself although the doctor couldn't see it.

"I'm sorry, sir, but I have to ask how you are related to Mr. Fey. As a rule, we only allow patients to leave with family members or close friends, at the very least."

Well, have fun calling her relatives... Even if she actually had family in town, they would never lend a helping hand...

Diego thought fast. "I'm her boyfriend, is it enough?"

Okay, maybe just a little bit too fast. Why did I say that? I could have pretended I was a cousin or something, why did I say "boyfriend"? Well too late to back down now...

"Yes, sir, I guess there won't be a problem. She's been put in a room one hour ago, I assume you'll be there when you get released from work?"

"I'm coming right now, I happen to have a break until after lunchtime." Another lie. Quite surprising, though, how lies didn't matter where Mia's safety and well-being were concerned. They slithered from his mouth as casually as alligators swam through rivers. "The clinic is only a ten minute walk away, if I'm not mistaken."

"Indeed, you are not. Will you tell Mr. Grossberg that she is not fit to come back to work today? It would be better to leave her a few days off so she can rest, I know that as an attorney she can just stay seated at her desk and do paperwork but still..."

After promising the doctor he would speak to his chief about Mia's accident – he never said when so, technically, it wasn't a lie – Diego hung up. He grabbed his keys from a hook near the door and didn't even bother putting his coat on.

His last rational thought allowed him to lock the door once he was outside, but then, his brain shut off and his blood flow was directed to his heart, still beating furiously, and his legs as he dashed at top speed in the general direction of the clinic, earning himself many a bewildered stare from a group of rookie attorneys who happened to sit on a nearby bench.

"Hey, no need to run, the coffee shop closed ten minutes ago!" a bold one yelled, and his friends giggled.

After all, what could have Diego Armando running so fast, if it wasn't coffee?


"Ten minute walk" effortlessly turned into a five minute full-blown race. Instinct allowed Diego to take the right turns and he soon found himself in front of the clinic. It was a big white building surrounded by gardens on one side and parking spots on the other.

Diego didn't stop to marvel at the beauty of the flowers that grew around the small path leading up to the main door. He crossed the street without slowing down, barely avoiding getting run over by a blue car, which driver shouted at him furiously, and pushed the door open.

He used the short walk to the reception desk to compose himself and took deep breaths. It wouldn't do to come up to the receptionist panting like a dog in heat. He smoothed his wild hair back and straightened his vest, looking for all the world like he had just taken a walk outside.

He walked up to the desk and smiled. "Good morning, miss," he greeted politely.

The receptionist, a young woman in her twenties, looked up from the computer she was working on. Green eyes peered at him from behind glasses. "Good morning. How can I help you?" Her words were friendly, yet by the sounds of it Diego was under the impression that the girl was annoyed she had to help.

"I came here to fetch someone, her name is Mia Fey." Diego leaned on the desk, wishing the girl would hurry and just tell him where Mia was.

The receptionist resumed typing on her keyboard. "Profession?" she asked.

"Attorney at law." What does this have to do with anything?


"Broken wrist, sprained ankle and minor bruises, from what I gathered."

"When was she taken here?"

"Earlier this morning," Diego answered, his tone low and dangerous, hinting that if there was another useless question that didn't involve revealing where Mia's room was, there would be murder.

Apparently, the girl could take an hint for she stopped talking; then she frowned. "I have her file right here, sir, but Dr. Hawking never told me she could be released. Are you sure you are allowed to pick her up?"

"I spoke to the doctor on the phone a few minutes ago, I'm quite sure I can take her home," Diego said, a growl present at the back of his throat. What was the matter with that girl? Sure, he had spoken to the doctor only five minutes earlier, but five minutes were more than enough to inform a stupid employee that it was useless for his kitten to remain here?

The receptionist shook her head, strands of blond hair waving back and forth. "I'm sorry, sir, we'll have to wait until Dr. Hawking says that she is free to go."

It was Diego's turn to frown; he was going to apply one of his rules. Approach the target from another angle.

He leaned even more over the desk, his arms crossed on the metallic surface, and gave the young woman his sweetest grin. "Can't we just ignore this?" he purred; if he didn't have an act to keep up, he would be puking in the corner from disgust.

She blinked. "Sir, this is against the rules, I can't-"

"Oh, rules, rules, who are we to play by the rules anyway?" Hesitation settled in her green eyes, and his grin widened, showing more white teeth. "Dr. Hawking will come to you in a matter of seconds, what does it matter if I go ahead and gets her ready to leave? I promise I won't take her away before the doctor comes and tells me I'm allowed to."

Resolve flickered and eventually crumbled under Diego's seductive stare. "Well, I guess it won't do any harm..." she mumbled under her breath.

The male attorney hummed his approval. "Thank you, kitten. Now, if you could tell me which room I'm supposed to find her in, I would be forever grateful."

"R-room 102... What did you call me?"

Before the receptionist could get her hopes on, Diego walked away briskly with a last grin and a wave. He was aware that he could woo almost any member of the female clan, but he usually refrained from doing so, maybe just out of respect. But he was only thinking of Mia, the pain she must have experienced, and the loneliness she must be dealing with at the moment.

Diego ran up a short flight of stairs and jogged down the hall, answering a nurse's disapproving glance with a grin and a polite "ma'am" when he went past her. The number 102 plastered on a door caught his sight, and he skidded to a stop in front of the room.

He cleared his throat and knocked, tucking his trepidation away.

"Come in," a muffled voice answered.

Armando grabbed the handle and opened the door, stepping inside.

His slight grin vanished upon spotting Mia. His pupil was laid out on her back on a white bed, in a white hospital gown. Her right wrist was in a cast, her left foot heavily bandaged, and both appendages looked swollen. There was a nasty bruise on her chin, and another one on her collarbone, disappearing under the gown.

Mia gave him a weak smile. "Hey," she said softly. "How come... you know?"

Diego shook out of his trance and eventually closed the door which handle was still clutched in his hand. "Doctor called," he said quietly, almost afraid to disturb the silence filling the small room. He sat on the edge of the bed, trying his best to keep the mattress from shifting too much. "How are you feeling?"

"I've felt better, I guess," the young woman joked, pain lacing her words. "My mistake, I should have looked twice before crossing the street. Won't happen again."

Diego rolled his eyes, instinctively patting her unharmed hand that sat next to him. "Don't be dumb. I have half a mind to drag the guy in the courtroom and have him imprisoned for attempted murder."
"Well, good luck with that. He drove away before I could get up."

Diego's eyes darkened and he growled. "Do you want me to go and get the police? They'll find him, I'm sure, if I tell them that man attempted to kill you and left you for dead."

"No, it's okay, I'm not dead after all."

"What? You want me to just sit here and do nothing?"

"No... I want you to stop my pillow from slipping away. I'd do it myself but if I bend either arm too much..."

Diego leaned in and gently rearranged the pillow behind her head so it supported her abused neck better. He smiled at her relieved smile, and couldn't help but follow the edge of her cheek with one finger, minding her bruise. Such a lovely face... and such cruel marks. Her creamy skin was not to be marred, not to be touched by anything except the softest of hands.

"I was worried," he whispered, his hand dropping from her face.

Her slight smile disappeared and a soft blush tinted her otherwise pale cheeks. "I'm sorry. And you came all the way from work just to see if I was okay. Thank you, Mr. Armando."

"Now what did I tell you about this whole 'Mr. Armando' business? I'm not calling you Ms. Fey, am I?"
"No, you're calling me a kitten."

"Touché, kitten." He chuckled; her wits had not been harmed. "Actually, I didn't came just to visit you. Your doc told me that you could leave on the condition that someone comes and picks you up, so here I am."

Mia blinked; she hadn't expected that. "You didn't have to, I could have-"

"Left by yourself? Called your relatives? Hired a cab? Come on, kitten, you know me better than that." Diego got up from the bed. "So, do you think you can sit up?"

"I'll try." Mia put her good hand on the bed and pushed herself up, pain flashing across her young features. Diego looped an arm around her to support her back as she shifted so her legs hung over the edge of the bed. Her hand grabbed his forearm to prevent a fall.

"You think you can do this?" Diego smiled when she nodded; ever the strong-willed kitten. "Good. Now, where are your clothes? This hospital gown really doesn't suit you."

Mia looked around a bit, releasing Diego's arm. "In the closet, I think. My skirt and my coat are okay, but I think my top was pretty torn up...

"You'll have to wear your coat until you're home then," the coffee addict said as he opened the closet. Indeed, her black skirt and green coat were neatly folded on a shelf, but her top was nowhere to be seen. He picked the clothes up and turned to her.

Then it struck him; if she could barely sit up, there was no way she could change out of the gown and into her regular clothes by herself. "I, uh, don't think you can do this by yourself," he said as casually as he could.

Mia tilted her head to the side quizzically, but then her eyes fell on her clothing in her mentor's hands and she realized what he meant. "I could ask a nurse for help," she mumbled.

"Err... kitten, I have a confession to make, I'm not supposed to be here." Diego scratched the back of his neck with a sheepish grin. "I'm not allowed to take you away until your doctor tells the staff I am. So if you call a nurse and ask her to help you dress because you're leaving... They're gonna throw me out."

"Then... why didn't you wait until you had permission to pick me up?"

There was a heavy silence.

"I don't know, kitten." I wanted to see you...


Silence once more. Mia fidgeted with the corner of a spotless sheet while Diego stared numbly at the clothing he was still holding. They were stuck. Unless...

"I can help you."

Mia shot him a dark glare. "Even now you try to pull stunts like this? Please..." She wasn't sure she could deal with his wolfish attitude right now; but if she was completely honest with herself, she had to admit that the idea of a entirely selfless Diego sounded ridiculous. He had to get something out of everything he did.

The other attorney sighed. "I wouldn't look. You'd guide my hands and I'd do the rest. But if you don't trust me enough, it's okay, I'll go and look for Dr. Hawking."

Now, Mia was flabbergasted. She had expected a predatory grin and some kind of false excuse that he probably wouldn't get another chance to see her naked. But not the look of genuine concern on Armando's face.

She sighed; risk or not, who could resist those soft brown eyes? "Come here, then," she gave in, her eyes downcast, feeling as though she was condemned. She heard him walk in front of her and soon his black shoes were in her line of sight. When she heard a rustle of cloth, she looked up to see him unbuttoning his vest. "What do you think you're doing?"

"I'll wrap it around my head, so you don't  have to worry about me sneaking a peek," Diego answered, getting to the last two buttons.

Mia rolled her eyes and stopped his hand before he could shrug his vest off. "Don't be an idiot. If you tell me that you won't look, I think I trust you enough to know that you'll keep your word." She was trying to atone for thinking he was just making another attempt at seduction earlier.

Diego watched her for some time, before nodding and letting his arms fall to his sides again. Freed from the confinement of the vest, his black tie moved with every gesture he made, standing out along his red shirt.

Armando closed his eyes and held his hands out for Mia to grab. The rookie attorney bit her lip, but it was too late to back out. She took Diego's hands in hers – minding her broken wrist as much as she could – and led them to the hem of her gown. Her friend took a step closer so the nightgown was within comfortable reaching range; she could smell coffee on his breath.

"Hands up where I can see them, girl," Diego growled in a fine imitation of a grumpy detective they had met. It effectively made Mia laugh and lightened the mood considerably.

Diego tugged the gown up and over her head when she lifted her arms as much as she could. His knuckles brushed against her sides and he felt her shudder; he was dying to open his eyes and burn the image into his memory. But he had given his word, and he would never go against his word. That was one of his rules.

Helping her slip her skirt on was pure torture for his hormonal system, but he bore it and obediently buckled the garment in place. It took him a few minutes to figure how he was going to proceed with her coat, but he eventually slipped her arms through the sleeves and left her to button it up.

"Can I look now? I've been a good boy..." he said, faking a whine.

Mia chuckled. "Yes, I'm decent... well as decent as can be, at any rate."

Diego opened his eyes; Mia was still sitting on the edge of the bed, her green coat encompassing her slender frame, her black skirt only peeking out from under the thicker cloth. Her cheeks were a bit flushed, but there was a smile on her face.

"Thank you," she said softly.

"Anything for you, kitten."

They exchanged a smile and seemed to realize how close they were to one another. Diego's hands were on the bed on either side of Mia, her legs touching his. If he leaned in, she would be powerless to stop him if he decided to...

There was a single knock on the door before Dr. Hawking walked in, breaking the moment. Diego took his hands from the bed and turned to the door, much to Mia's disappointment, but she willed the feeling away.

Dr. Hawking, a young woman who had to be even shorter than Grossberg, put her hands on her hips. "Some of you don't waste any time, do you?" she said, amusement flashing in her clear blue eyes. Diego had the decency to give her a sheepish smile, and she chuckled. "I guess nothing can stop love, not even our dear receptionist."

"Oh, we're not-" Mia began, only to be startled into silence when Diego's arm came around her shoulder.

"Yes, I couldn't bear to be kept away from her any longer," he said, pressing a soft kiss on her head and whispering in her ear: "Just play along."

"Um... yes, he's very clingy," Mia stammered after some awkward moments, quite distraught but doing her best to hide it. "It's very annoying at times."

"That's just the reason you love me so much," Diego chuckled, before looking at the doctor. "So can I take her home?"

"Absolutely. Give this to the receptionist and she'll let you go." Dr. Hawking deposited a sheet of paper at the end of the bed and smiled at the two lawyers. "I hope you recover quickly, Ms. Fey. Have a good day."

They wished her a good day as well. But as soon as the door was closed, Mia's smile disappeared and she wriggled out from under Diego's arm. "You'd better explain what that was for, and you'd better do it now," she growled, glaring at her co-worker.

"They wouldn't let me pick you up if I wasn't someone you knew well, so I... kinda told them we were together."

Mia's eyes were ready to drop from their resting places within her sockets. "You lied to a doctor? I can't believe it!"

Well, I'd gladly make it true, but you never make anything easy, kitten. You're always... you. Diego sighed and ran a hand through his untamed brown mane. "All right, so maybe I lied a little bit, big deal. You get to leave this place and go back home, so what is the matter? Want to stay overnight?"
"Well, no, but-"

"I thought as much." Diego reached over and grabbed the sheet of paper Hawking had left for them, stuffing it in his pocket. He then held his right hand out for Mia to take. "Now, please, can we go, darling?"

Mia snorted at the term of mock endearment and reluctantly grabbed his hand to pull herself up. When her sprained ankle touched the floor, however, she grunted in pain.

Diego's features softened and he came to stand by her side. "Are you okay?" he asked.

"My foot hurts a bit, I should have expected that," she answered, putting as little weight as was possible on her bad leg, unconsciously leaning against the other attorney for support.

"Here." He wrapped an arm around her waist, and put her good arm around his shoulders. "I'll help you walk, don't strain yourself."

Mia's blush made itself known again but she nodded. The two of them walked slowly across the room and into the corridor, with Mia clutching Diego's shirt for support and him squeezing her waist as much as he could without causing further damage to her abused body. It was awkward and slow, but they made it to the end of the white sterilized corridor. Unfortunately, another foe was waiting for them...

One look at the stairs and Mia groaned. How the hell was she supposed to get down there? She couldn't magically sprout wings!

"This is not going to work," she heard Diego mutter. Before she could ask if there was an elevator in the clinic, the Spaniard bent and caught her behind her knees, carefully lifting her up and into his arms. Mia instinctively wrapped her arms around his neck as he adjusted his grip on her.

"What are you doing!" she gasped.

"It'll be easier if I carry you down the stairs, saves you the pain and buys us some time." He made sure he had a firm but gentle hold on her as he began the journey down the stairs.

At first, Mia was tense and her silence was proof of her uneasiness. But when she realized that she probably wouldn't have made it out of her room, let alone climb down stairs, without Diego, she released a soft sigh and relaxed. The tanned attorney almost jumped when she nestled her head in the crook of his neck and tightened her hold around his shoulders.

"Thank you," she whispered against his shirt.

"You seem to thank me an awful lot today, kitten," Armando grinned.

Mia chuckled and leaned up to kiss his cheek. "Well, you've been awfully nice to me today, only seems fair."

His grin widened. "I ought to be nice more often, it certainly is quite rewarding."
Diego made his way over to the front desk, holding his precious burden close to his chest. He managed to fish the paper from Dr. Hawking out of his pocket without letting go of Mia's legs and handed it to the young woman who, unlike minutes earlier, was giving him and Mia the evil eye.

"Well, well. What do we have here?"

That unforgettable shrill voice, that unmistakable pompous tone.

Groaning inwardly, Diego turned around, only to come face-to-face with a smirking Winston Payne, gravity-defying haircut and all. Out of everyone they could have met, the rookie killer was last on the wish-list, even after Leroy Prince.

"Good morning, Mr. Payne," Mia said politely, and Diego almost rolled his eyes. Even with a broken wrist, a sprained ankle, covered in bruises and carried by her co-worker, Mia had to show she had manners.

But the older prosecutor only adjusted his glasses, a glint of amusement in his sneaky eyes. "Trying to literally sweep the lady off her feet, since you couldn't amount to anything figuratively speaking? You never cease to give me more reasons to think of you as a moronic fool, Armando."

"Well, it can't be worse than failing to achieve either," Diego bit back, though he remained calm and composed.

Payne growled. "At least I am not that desperate that I'd go for my assistant, and won't stop pestering her although she made it clear she wanted nothing to do with me. You're a terrible lawyer, but you do know that is called sexual harassment in our country, don't you?"

Diego opened his mouth to reply, but nothing came out. He couldn't think of anything to say to the prosecutor other than "Mind your own damn business!" but it felt hollow. He wasn't desperate, he liked Mia, but he couldn't – and would never – admit it to someone like Payne.

At her mentor's lack of response, Mia decided she had enough of being talked of like she wasn't here, and frowned. "Well, first Mr. Payne, I'll have you know that I'm nobody's assistant. If anything, I am Mr. Grossberg's attorney, but I don't think I studied law so hard to become an assistant. And second..." Mia gently tugged at Diego's black tie with her valid hand, pulling his head closer to hers, "Diego and I are together."

Payne's jaw almost hit the floor and, although she couldn't see, she guessed Diego's must have as well. She was tired of running, tired of lying, and above everything else, tired of Winston Payne.

"You're making this up!" the prosecutor squeaked, pointing a finger at them.

"Oh I am? Diego, sweetheart, this man doesn't look convinced, shall we show him decisive evidence?" The older attorney gave her a puzzled look and she took her chance; she gently pulled his head closer and she leaned up to kiss him.

His arms tightened uncomfortably around her, and she winced into the kiss. He must have somehow noticed because his hold lessened the next second, and she thanked him by stroking the hair on the back of his head. She closed her eyes and lost herself in the kiss; hell, even if it was the only kiss she would get out of him, it felt incredible.

They didn't know how much time elapsed, but it must have been quite a while since the start of the kiss because when they parted, Payne was nowhere to be seen. This man was allergic to affection, and he had nightmares about public shows of love.

Mia's legs felt like jelly and she was glad they weren't supporting her, for she wasn't sure they could be trusted at the moment. She glanced up at Diego, whose eyes seemed to be lost into space. Guilt nipped at her heart; had she gone overboard?

"Well... that sure got us rid of him," Diego commented after a few awkward seconds. "Good thinking, kitten. You have amazing acting skills."

"Oh... I guess I do..." Mia bit her lip; she couldn't stop here. "I mean, I would, if I was actually acting but... since I wasn't... I'm not sure this is what could be said..."

"What do you mean, kitten?" Diego asked, his ears and curiosity perking up. She can't possibly be saying this... Armando, wake up now before you do yourself more emotional harm!

Mia was finding the buttons on his vest very interesting; in fact, she couldn't take her eyes away from them. "I mean that... if you're okay with it, of course... I wouldn't be against the idea of... please you know what I mean, don't make me say it!" She buried her head in his chest to hide her face, which was quickly turning the same shade of red as his shirt.

The rookie attorney didn't look up; dealing with rejection would be easier if she couldn't see his face. When a chuckle shook his chest, right against her cheek, she ground her teeth.

"I don't think I've ever heard of such unusual circumstances for a first kiss."

Startled, Mia looked up and saw a handsome face smiling down at her. She offered a weak smile of her own. "I always thought I would be the one kissing you first. You do realize you screwed everything up, right?"

Mia's smile broadened. "Let's pretend this never happened."

"I expected no less, kitten." Diego leaned in and caught her lips for a soft kiss, and she enthusiastically kissed back, stroking his cheek with her good hand.

She gave a small yelp when he almost dropped her, and giggled when he rightened his hold on her. "Maybe we should head home first," she said.


Diego carried her outside, pushing the door with his back before turning around. They stood there, bathed in sunlight, on this bright perfect day. Not a care in the world other than the woman in his arms, and the worry that her head's comforting weight might remove itself from his shoulder. He breathed in; being alive had never been so wonderful.

A small kiss under his chin brought him back on Earth. "Where did you park your car?" she asked him with a smile.

Ha...! Forgot about that. "I left it at the office."

"What? You walked all the way here?"

"I admit I never thought about the car... But it doesn't matter, I'll carry you to the office and then we'll take my car and drive you home." His charming smile wasn't something you could say "no" to, and when she told him she was too heavy, he scoffed. "Never doubt my abilities, kitten."

So Mia could only tag along for the ride. She wasn't complaining; Diego's chest was quite comfortable, and the general scent of coffee about him soothed her. It was the same as before, but it held a newfound sweetness for Mia. The same could be said about Diego's character in general; he had gone from arrogant womanizer to caring friend as soon as he had learned she was hurt. Amazing, how it had only taken him half a day to change so much...

"So... does that mean I'm allowed to keep my eyes open next time I help you change?"

… or not.  
We all hate Winston Payne. But he makes living funnier so... no wait, that's just the hair. It's always the hair.
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